Sunday, May 15


my name is Anitra, but please feel free to call me Pobrecito. I don’t really have any reason to start a blog just utter boredom. I really don’t think anybody is gonna read this; or it they do they wont take it seriously. I’m 17 years old Im a senior at my terribly oppressive high school this year, graduation is next Saturday. after my graduation im going to move out of my mothers equally oppressive house, and off to college i will be! :) the only person I love is my daddy, and my stepdad sometimes, but my mother NEVER. she is the only person I can say i genuinely hate. Enough about the loving and hating. even though my surroundings are like acid,im a very happy, loving,bubbly girl. i guess its because im speaking of the surface that you cant see my scars. all in due time! :) i promise.

later my loves

(P.S.-this was shorter than i thought it would be,longer next time kay? and perhaps a better topic!)

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