Tuesday, May 17

Porno sites and Blended potatoes.

–im gonna try to not ramble this time!–

well for starters, i was recently-and unknowingly- signed up for adult chat roulette. i was hacked i guess and they just signed me up for that crap! they even got some of my pictures and now all these men who are old enough to be my grandfather are telling me things they would do to me and that they wanna have “relations” with me! EWW!! is all i have to say about that! lol, and i dont know who did it or how but i cant seem to get rid of it! oh well i can deal with it but i will have to get that fixed soon like ASAP!!

haha, now the potatoes! well the other day i decided to make some mashed potatoes! now dont get me wrong im a pro at making them and i do make them all the time, i just decided i was tired that day and decided to take a shortcut. i cocked them and i did all the things i usually do but i didnt feel like mashing them because i knew it would make my arm sore –i made like 5lbs. of potatoes!–so i put them in the blender. to top off my stupidity i put them in AND walked away!! when i came back the blender was somking! i had just about died at that moment i thought it was gonna burst into flames or something you know? thank goodness it didnt because i would have been dead meat!! i finally regained my sanity and took it off the base and you know what? THOSE POTATOES ROCKED MY WORLD! they were super delicious, and i know what you are thinking “she didnt learn her lesson, shes gonna do it again”, but come on im not that stupid. i will NEVER do that ever again! that blender is too important! i use it to make drinks! 

haha well this is it for today! adios!!

yours truly,

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