Thursday, May 19

Twispian Terror, the Gays, and Bucket lists!


AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! hmm,okay im good now. i was just freaking out about my new read Revolting Youth: The Further Adventures of Nick Twisp. its a great read you should check it out! im so head over heels with this series! oh wait, did i tell you its a series? of course i didnt well i just did then huh? lol. the series follows our hero Nick Twisp through his ever detailed diary. he tells us of all his adventures, all of which were indirectly caused by his moving and meeting his-as he calls her- “One and Only true love” Sheeni Saunders. all in all it really is a great read. ummmmmmmm..SECOND TOPIC!

so i was watching Our America on the Oprah channel (which i LOVE by the way), and they had the ‘pray the gay away?’ episode on. i had nothing better to do so i figured why not? i completely regret watching it. i mean it made me feel like crap, seeing as i am a member of the gay community (fyi: im bisexual). it was about two things: gays who try to renounce their gayness, because the 6 verses in the bible that talk about homosexuality says its wrong AND those who ignore the verses and embrace their inner gay whilst they still hold steadfast to their religion. now dont get me wrong i dont think bad of those who think they can change themselves, but in my mind they suck for denying to indulge on their inner selves’ carnal desires. well i could go on about this forever so im gonna leave it here. lets just say that the episode rubbed me the wrong way. THIRD TOPIC!

aha, yes this one is my favorite! so sometime after my last post i started my bucket list. see you are supposed to make a bucket list when you find out you have a sickness thats gonna kill you soon (or at least i think so…hmm). seeing as im so young my list must be completed before i turn 30. most people dont realize how big turning thirty is for a woman, but seeing as i do i figured that it would be a perfect marker. my bucket list is pretty awesome. i would tell you all whats on it, but i forgot where i put it! oh well im gonna save it for next week i guess! and thus i leave you with my word of the week: cadaverous it just rolls off your tongue right? lol


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